Thursday, March 19, 2009

Freebies from Victoria's Secret

I was just in the store to claim the free PINK bag that I had a coupon for. (See freebies4mom post) and was talking to the saleslady trying to find out how I had to use the coupon. By the way, when you sign up at Pink Nation for you bag, you also get a coupon to $10 off a $35 purchase. Well, they have a sale going on for the all the underwear collections in the store, buy X and pay $X off the price. For instance, the PINK underwear that I liked was going for $10 a pair, but were on sale 5 for $25. Not a bad deal. What most people do not realize about Victoria's Secret (and her sister, Bath and Body Works) is that any deal like that, you have to buy the minimum number, but you can keep going! So 5/$25 goes to 6/$30, 7/$35, etc. So I bought 7 pairs of underwear for a store price of $35, then applied my $10 coupon and paid $25. Quite a saving to go from $70 worth of merchandise down to $25!!!

Back to the main point... I'm not sure for how long, but whenever you make a $10 purchase in store you receive a FREE gift card/coupon worth a minimum of $10!!! What happens is after checkout they hand you a small envelop with a coupon inside, which is valid starting April 3(?) You won't know how much the card is worth until that time, but each card is guaranteed to have at least $10 on it, and some go up to $500! In the very least, you're getting your money back and at the most you might win some!!!

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