Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sleep Talking

The common phrase for people joking about their own short attention span used to be something along the lines of "Look, there goes something shiny!" (or bright, if the jokester is a male.) Disney/Pixar updated that phrase with the advent of their movie, Up. All you have to do is watch the commercials to see the lovable dog interrupting himself by yelling "Squirrel" every time he saw one of the rodents to burst out laughing. Turns out that golden retrievers aren't the only ones to induce laughter through such a comical utterance.

Ryan was waking up the boys to get ready for church this morning and started with Nathan. Landon started mulbling in his sleep. Suddenly, still asleep, Landon called out, "Squirrel!" After Ryan finished laughing, he asked Landon if he was calling himself a squirrel like Daddy does. The reply came back in the negative; evidentally our son indicated that he was trying to catch a squirrel. And the funny part of it all is that we haven't watched "Up" recently. Maybe he's been hanging out with a golden retriever? :)

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