Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Solutions for narrow heels

Runners know the importance of a well-fitting shoe. In preparing for the mini I was excited when my crazy running friend, Zest, scheduled a trip to the store with the salesman she's worked with for the past eight years. I have terrible ankles and one not-so-great knee so I was hoping that he could help me find the right fit.
In the store I was debating between two final selections. Pair A fit great with the exception that the heel was a little bit loose. Pair B was tight across my instep and toes, but the heel stayed in place. A common shoe dilemma for me since my midfoot is wide but my heel is narrow. My wonderful and knowledgeable salesman solved the issue. This specific lacing pattern basically pulls the back of the shoe forward so that the heel doesn't slip and the shoe is tight without the lace cutting into the top of your foot. It sounds confusing the first time but is actually quite simple and comfortable while wearing. I'm grateful he shared this little tip with me.

1. Lace up shoes while leaving the top hole open.

2. Take the lace and thread it through the hole in top on the same side so that it forms a loop.

3. Now cross the end of the lace through the contralateral loop. (The lace from the right goes through the loop on the left.)

4. Repeat with the opposite side

5. Tie normally.

Pair A. My first pair of Brooks. Cinderella size 7, and definitely not leaving them behind!

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