Monday, September 12, 2011

A Tribute to the Night Before Christmas--Shelton Style

'Twas the night we bought the bunk beds and all through the house,
Our two little creatures were stirring and I looked for help at my spouse.
Sheets were purchased and placed on the bed
But little boys were too excited to lay down their heads.

Visions of them accidentally rolling out and hitting the floor danced in my head,
Most horrendous thoughts filled me with dread!
My husband, somewhat chuckling over my womanly fear,
Did at least put an arm out and draw me near.

Sounds of jumping and giggling filled the whole bed time,
If you turned for but a second little feet the bed would climb.
We added to our prayers, "Lord, let them not break a bone,"
and when I left the room I closed the door with a groan.

When out from the room their arose such a clatter,
We both jumped from the couch to see what was the matter.
On the floor were a toy car, a teddy bear, a flashlight, and ball,
And two faces grinning from the top said they were enthralled.

With time the newness has worn off and my children survived,
Although there is no way I can say we have arrived,
Now with confidence I can say as I shut off the light,
A peaceful night to all, and to all a good night!

Such were my fears when we purchased the bunk beds for Landon's room! Yes, I know. Paranoid mother. In my defense, I've heard plenty of stories, from everything from broken arms to stitches from "Superman" hitting the ceiling fan when he started flying... Overall, I've gone from "why did I do this?" to "It's great to have an extra bed for company!" And the boys have learned the main rules of "no playing on the bed," "no playing on the bed," and last but not least, "No playing on the bed." Throwing toys off the top bunk qualifies under "no playing on the bed." Landon had to earn the right to sleep on the top bunk, and has learned how to safely, but even with the railing we still wedge some bumpers up there. We're (probably more of the "I" than the "we") grateful that he's usually content to sleep on the bottom. :) Bedtime as a whole is much quieter now that the boys have separate rooms. :)

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