Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ride and a Personality

A couple of weeks ago MSN had a feature on what your car says about you. Originally I wasn't going to put it on the blog, but after re-reading it, I just had to! Maybe I'm clinging to this personna since the death of George and the realization that I probably won't find another BMW in an affordable price range again. My hubby is currently sitting next to me with his laptop researching minivans. Minivans!!! After an agile, fast, fun, performance vehicle! So yes, I think I need to post this and remember the good times before I start crying or something else... Really, I'll be ok.

BMW 3-Series

"In an era when we define ourselves by the type of personal computer we use — we're either a Mac or a PC — those who own a 3-Series are Macs. Like an Apple, the BMW has style, a cultlike following and stellar performance. "They make you feel like you're smart and with it," McManus says. "It's a very well-executed vehicle." By that reasoning, we'd have to consider the owner to be a smart, considerate, yet style-conscious individual."

And the irony is that I'm reading this on a Mac. :)

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  1. Fun! Reading your stories reminds me of reading and acting out your play scripts in Moscow. =) Hope you all are doing well!