Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why we should leave Dad alone with the kids

Guys as parents often get a bad rap. There are tons of memes on the internet with some admittedly pretty hilarious photos describing why fathers aren't as responsible a parenting choice as mothers. I believe that, instead, men are different than women. *Gasp!* But despite the fact that dads are more likely to hang their children upside down by a leg occasionally, that doesn't mean that they're bad parents. Just see things a bit differently.  Is there anything wrong with a different parenting style? So in honor of my husband who is a fantastic father, his dad, my own father, and all of our wonderful grandfathers, here's a post on why you SHOULD leave your kids with good old dad!

1. They show up. When it's not convenient. When the occasion is big or little. When they're not feeling well. When they have something else to do. They come and support. (And a big shout-out to Nana, who is in the middle of radiation treatment at the time of this picture and she still made it out to the kindergarten graduation.)

2. They support all the school endeavors.

3. They're always ready to go fishing with their kids, even when the "kids" are grown.

4. They bring chocolate.

5. Dad then shares the chocolate.

6. He's always a shoulder to lean, or sleep, on
Proud daddy and baby's first steps

7. He's there to help you with your first of anything, steps, baseball, reading, etc.
8. He even shares his ice cream

9. He loves holding you even when Mommy goes a bit overboard in the dressing department.

Boating with baby can be a handful
10. He includes his kids in his favorite activities even when they're little and it would be easier to go alone or with a buddy.

11. He teaches them the value of hard work. And how to work with their hands.


12. Dad plays games with the kiddos.

13. He teaches them how to let their hair down. :)

14. He untangles fishing line. Again. And. Again. 

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