Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Two days ago I awoke to the sound of little feet pattering their way into my bedroom. As I was still recovering from a sinus infection and on decongestants, the sound was somewhat akin to the stampeding of elephants. Nevertheless, it was a welcome sound. Ryan scrambled his way up into the bed to give me a hug and kiss, sitting still for approximately 1/1000 of a second before scampering away while yelling "come on, Mommy. Get up!" He then ran to the front window in the living room, ducked underneath the blinds to peer out the window, and realized how much the world had changed while he was asleep. He danced his way back, shouting his excitement, "Mommy, it's snowing. It's snowing! It's a BIG snow!"
Later that afternoon, amid squeals of excitement from both children and dog, I proceeded to get everyone ready to go outside. Being the dutiful (read into it overprotective if you want) mother that I am, I of course layered them in turtlenecks, snow bibs, hats, scarves, and the hoods on the coats. By the time I had crammed squirmy children into those layers, I was sweating. But talk about being worth the wait. The sled was difficult since the amount of snow meant it tipped whenever the children were off balance. And a 3 y.o. and a 1 y.o. don't keep their balance very well... But we got some good laughs.
This was William's first true experience in the snow and he loved it. I wasn't sure what to expect from the child who didn't like grass the first time around. Poor little guy had difficulty walking as the snow was up to his little thighs, but he made do with crawling. And tasting. And eating the snow until his little face was red and I had to take him inside, much to his disappointment. He kept wanting to go everywhere big brother went.
Ryan's activity seemed to be making snow angels. Or exploring. He was never still the entire time we were outside. His big scientific discovery for the day was the fact that it is hard to slide down a slide covered in ten inches of snow. And that snow blowers are loud, which he pointed out to me numerous times.
I had to drag both children inside to get warm, both under great protest. As we regaled Daddy with tales of the day Ryan leaned forward and said "That was fun. Can we go in the snow again, Please?"

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