Monday, December 8, 2008

Toddler speak

Before I had children, I was a little nervous about having a toddler as I've never been very good at interpreting "toddler speak." However, with a little practice and paying attention to my sons, I've learned to understand much more. It is, however, a little confusing when Ryan (3)substitutes a "w" for both the "l" and the "r". Poor little guy was getting a little frustrated last night when I thought he was referring to the light and he was trying to tell me I was right. Maybe I should've gotten that on a recording as I probably won't hear that too many times in the upcoming years. It's so much fun to hear him learning to actually use full sentences and expressing concepts.

On the other end, sometimes it's mildly sad when they actually learn to speak correctly. William (16 months) has been saying "Duck do" for months as "thank you." He is a very grateful little boy and enjoys telling people thank you. I would sit there and tell him "you're welcome" just to hear him say "duck do." In the last couple of days he's been pronouncing things much more correctly and the words actually sound closer to the real thing than his toddler speak. I'm a bit nostalgic but still happy that my kiddo is growing up.

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