Friday, December 26, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Erik's family celebrated Christmas together on December 21 this year since that was when everybody was off work. Ryan ran into my mother-in-law's living room, grabbed the biggest present and proceded to start opening it! We had to remind him to wait and that the present wasn't even his anyway... It was a great family time, but it got the kids in the mood to open gifts. Since we had four days left until Christmas, I spent a considerable amount of time telling the kids that it wasn't time yet to open the presents under our tree! I seemed to constantly be finding a bow that William would have stripped off a gift and be returning it to the rightful box. I finally started returning errant bows to the rubbermaid storage container.

Christmas Eve Ryan and I had a conversation where he kept asking why we couldn't open the presents and I had to remind him that Christmas wasn't until tomorrow. Christmas morning Erik went into the boys' bedroom to wake them up. Ryan snuggled into Erik's lap and when greeted with "Merry Christmas" responded "No, Daddy. Mommy said Christmas is not until tomorrow." Erik laughed and replied that it was indded Christmas morning and time to open presents. The wonderful little three-year-old started to get hopeful, but almost couldn't believe it and out came "Are you kidding me?!?"

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