Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can you dry jeans with a blow dryer in a bathroom?

It was one of those days. Actually, it had been one of those weekends. Saturday and Sunday I'd been at school all day for a licensing review course. Monday I had two study groups to meet to study for final exams. The instructor for the WSI (American Red Cross' Water Safety Instructor) told us to bring jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt to practice survival techniques. Of course that means that you need an extra pair of clothes to wear after class because your clothes will be soaked, right? Monday dawned to find my trudging out to the Jeep with two diaper bags, a backpack, another book bag, my swim bag, and a lunch box. With all of that gear to pack (plus sleep deprivation and high stress levels), two children to dress, and a dog to take care of, it's always the question of the day as to what item(s) that I forgot to include. Still, I was completely certain that I had brought the required items to my swim class.

Class went well, although I think I have decided that it takes more work to blow up a shirt into a flotation device than it does to tread water. After showering I reached into the bag to grab my dry clothes and found only the t-shirt. What?! Where are my pants??? Drat. After debating what my options were for several moments, I spied the hand dryers mounted on the wall. I wasn't even hoping to completely dry the pants,but I was hoping that I could knock the water out a step or two. After wringing out the jeans as much as possible I positioned them over the outlet and started the dryer. Eight cycles and two very tired arms later, my jeans were still on the wet side of the damp spectrum. Or they were on the dry side of soaking. Take your pick, but you get the picture! Tired and wanting to go home, I decided that my only option was to go ahead and wear the wet pants and just be a bit chilly. Fortunately it was a warmish evening. As I wrapped up my swimsuit in the towel and went to stick it into my bag, what did my hands touch but my spare pair of pants? Wow! Ok, so now I feel like a dork. But at least I'm now a dry dork!

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