Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cute Easter photos

The Easter photo shoot didn't go as planned. The boys would NOT sit still. But it doesn't matter--they were still so cute all dressed up. Ryan loved wearing a tie and William wouldn't take off his hat in Sunday school. A few tips for getting at least some decent shots of your children on special days...

1. Don't get dead set that the pictures HAVE to be done a certain way. Children are masters of picking up stress and will react (usually negatively) to it. Just relax and realize that you can only get kids to do so much.

2. Be snappy. Two ways. First, if at all possible, use an autofocus camera. Yes, my 35mm Minolta takes superb pictures, but it's a dinosaur and doesn't autofocus. No toddler is going to sit still long enough for you to focus manually! Also, take a lot of pictures. Just keep shooting. You never know when a good one is going to come out.

3. Take candid shots as well as posed portraits. This way at least something will turn out. Some days they end up being better than the posed "everybody sitting and smiling in the same direction" pictures anyway. I didn't get a good photo of the boys in their easter outfits (hopefully one of the grandparents' turned out). But I'm happy with the egg hunt photos, so I've included two of them. Remember, the point of taking pictures is to preserve memories. So don't stress yourself out trying to get "the" perfect shot.
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