Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Willing wethead

Neither one of my sons likes for his hair to be washed. It's not the shampoo, but the water pouring over their heads. Ryan can't figure out how to hold both his eyes and his ears at the same time. At least he has stopped shrieking at the top of his lungs. William doesn't go in for the hysterics, but he does cling to me tighter than melted chocolate on upholstery all the wihle gasping anxiously for breath. Some days I feel as though I'm dressing for war when I bathe them--hair in a ponytail, contacts must be in, and remove any long sleeves.

None of this makes sense to their befuddled mother as I've always been a fish out of water. Out of water I'm a complete klutz, but in the water I feel graceful and strong. My parents had to teach me to swim before I was two years old because I would run and jump in anytime I saw water. Since both my brothers were in competitive swimming, this kept my mom quite busy. Having two sons afraid to let a little water drip over their eyes leaves me wondering what to do.

They both absolutely love taking baths and playing in the water, it's just the wet heads they can't deal with. Obviously skipping hair washing is not an option, so we've dealt with it--both the sobbing children and the soaked clothes. Ryan is finally getting to the point where he will cover his face with a washcloth and allow me to wash his hair. The big surprise of the day was when William, picked up the green cup and handed it to me. Then he even leaned forward for me to dump the water on his head! I can't tell you how astounded I was that this little guy was asking me to wash his hair! YAAAY! No matter what else happens today, this day goes down as a good one. :) I now have a willing wethead!

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